The museum is part of the historic farm Egelboshof (+ / -1440, rebuild in 1925). Egelboshof was one of the major farms in Boekend.

Boekend has a rich past. The village Boekend originated from several farms which were built on the border of low-lying pasture and high cropland. By ruts they were linked.

The first mention of Boekend dates from 1577, but farms as Achterse Kockerse (+/- 1369), with its centuries-old chestnut trees, and Heershof are much older. The center of Boekend is fairly new.

Boekend is characterized not only as a quiet rural setting but also as a flourishing community. The strength of Boekend is its beautiful nature scenery, nearby the city of Venlo. For example there are old Maas river grounds and the beautiful Crayelheide and Koelbroek. Consider also the unfinished Noordervaart, a historical monument founded by Napoleon.

The agricultural character of Boekend is quickly disappearing, there are important tourist and recreational developments and in any case we can already speak of "sports village” Boekend.