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Past six months there has been attention to the development of the computer. Today you can get image and sound from a computer, which was previously not the case; then image and sound were separated worlds and a computer was in fact just a quick calculator. Here you see a minicomputer from 1972. The computer works among others with large removable hard disks of about 2 MB. A present iPhone 7 could have a memory of 256 GB, which are in fact 128 000 of such large hard disks, a tower of about 5000 meters high!

Below you can see the inside of an IBM 026 punch card machine getting cleaned and serviced; early computer technology from 1949. Early computers had no keyboard or display, but were fed by punch cards, cards with holes. In the museum you can see old self playing musical instruments fed by paper with holes; they are in fact early computers!

This punch card machine has played a key role in 2013 in an art / music project in Cologne: punch card music (photo left).

See this video:








Of course, the museum shares knowledge. Also Many  exhibitions are visited.  Left you see Klaus Crössmann of the Institut für neue Technische Form  (INTeF) in Darmstadt (Germany). Until March 11 you can see here a design exhibition on the subject of the TV, paying attention to the disappearance of the third dimension in the current flat devices.













Here, a new Rack is made for the design section. This is all done in-house.


Here is an "action shot" of Zangvereniging Vriendenkring Steyl (64 singers, founded in 1883),
celebrating the Saint Cecilia feast day in November.